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Choose Well

If you become unwell or are injured make sure you choose the right NHS service to make sure you get the best treatment. By choosing the right service you can help the NHS manage its resources better.

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Why choose well? Well every year, the A&E departments in Worcestershire see around 130,000 patients.

Many of these patients could have avoided attending A&E and be treated more appropriately somewhere else by either a local minor injuries unit, GP, pharmacist or even by themselves with basic self-care, first aid and advice.

The information on these pages will help you to decide what medical attention you need if you become unwell by explaining what each NHS service does, and when it should be used.

Please think about which option is best for you. Choosing well means you will get the best treatment and allows busy NHS services to help the people who need them most.



Hangover. Grazed knee. Sore throat. Cough

Take care of yourself.



Unwell? Unsure? Confused? Need help?

Use NHS Direct.



Flu symptoms

Contact your GP or NHS Direct


Diarrhoea. Runny nose. Painful cough.

Click here to find your local pharmacy on the NHS Choices website 


Toothache. Gum problems.

Visit your dentist or a Dental Access Centre.



Ear pain. Stomach bugs. Back ache.

See your GP or visit the Worcester Walk-in Health Centre.


Cuts. Sprains.

Head to a Minor Injuries Unit


Serious or life-threatening conditions.

Go to A&E or telephone 999.



Useful links

NHS Direct: http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/

NHS Choices: http://www.nhs.uk