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Neighbourhood Teams

Neighbourhood Teams are a coming together of local health and care providers and commissioners who work together to provide more integrated and joined up care and services to their local community


What do Neighbourhood Teams do?

Our goal is to remove boundaries at the point that care is delivered, to create a system where patient interests come first and resources are collectively focused on improving health outcomes, supporting people to stay well and to live independently for as long as they wish.

Via the Alliance, the providers work together to deliver this goal by developing a new model of care – a model of care which delivers a connected system, designed and delivered around local people and located in natural neighbourhoods.

Multidisciplinary Teams 

Within the Neighbourhood Teams, Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs) bring together practitioners and other professionals in health and social care to collaborate successfully. The term can be applied to ‘a way of Integrated working’, or a specifically defined meeting which is time limited and discusses the most complex patients within an Integrated Team.  

In Worcestershire we have 14 Neighbourhood Teams (Integrated Teams), and each one of those has an MDT meeting once per month. 

Find out more about Multidisciplinary Teams here.