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New prescribing policies in Worcestershire:

Following engagement work with the public undertaken in 2017, Worcestershire CCGs no longer support the prescribing of certain medications including over the counter medicines (for example paracetamol and ibuprofen), gluten-free products, baby milk and specialist infant formula and oral nutritional supplements.

Additional Information:


Your local NHS is faced with a big financial challenge and needs to save £36 million in 2017/18.

We are making these savings by reducing waste and improving efficiency. However, we are also restricting some services to protect others. We will be open and honest about our plans and will continue to allocate funds in the most fair and effective way.

Launch Date:

The new policies have been introduced since September 2017.

Where are the Policies?

You can download the individual policies below:

On behalf of:

NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove, NHS South Worcestershire & NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Groups