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Travel Tips

  • Making and changing appointments:
    Set times and dates to suit you and the transport options available. THINK AHEAD if you are going to a location for the first time, allowing extra time to park and/or find the correct department. Please have your unique NHS number available if changing a hospital appointment.

  • Concessionary bus passes:
    If travelling by bus and you hold a bus pass do ask for an appointment time when you can use this. Community Transport passengers who hold  a concessionary bus pass can get a £1 per single journey fare reduction (£2 if resident in Malvern Hills district).

  • Travel cost refunds:
    Check to see if all or some of your travel costs can be refunded and how to reclaim before you book your transport.

  • Appointment changed / cancelled:
    If your appointment is changed or cancelled make sure you also change your travel plans